Utah Wilderness Maps

Here is a collection of static maps obtained from government and non-government sources. The maps are available in JPEG format, with some larger maps also available in MrSID format.

RS 2477 map

Active RS 2477 Assertions in Utah (March 2005)
There are thousands of potential RS 2477 road right-of-way claims in Utah. This map depicts the location of 37 claims for which the State of Utah has filed suit, a notice of intent to sue, or announced the intent to apply for a disclaimer of interest by the federal government. Map compiled by the Wild Utah Project.

Classic Utah Wilderness Maps

Classic Utah Wilderness Maps (1979-1992)
These are scanned paper maps dating from before the implementation of GIS. Included are RARE II roadless areas, Utah wilderness areas (1985) and BLM wilderness study areas (1992).

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